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...Testimonials...“My lawn is like a carpet.”     -     “Totally thrilled with service."     -     ”My husband is so in love with the way our lawn looks!” ...Testimonials...

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Emerald Magic - Approachable and Affordable
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Approachable and Affordable

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Express Response Policy: Fast service - when the boss cares, everyone cares. We pride ourselves on being professional, friendly, honest, and courteous. This is why we apply the correct products at the right times. As long as the program selected includes controls for the problem, we will treat your lawn at no extra cost to you.

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Pest Control:
Slugs, Spiders, and Ants, OH MY! Mole & Vole Control, Rabbit Protection & Deer Protection are some common problems facing your landscape. Did you know some pests are beneficial and ecologically safe to have around. Let us help.
Tree Care:
Most of us don't know that trees and ornamentals & shrubs can and should have treatments during all four seasons of the year. Insect Control, Anti Desiccant Evergreen protection and Deep Root feeding are specialties at Emerald Magic. More...
Christmas Decor:
Most of us don't have time during the holidays to put up really well designed and executed Holiday Lights and Decor. We are amazed when we drive by someone else's home and see a fine display of holiday lights. We we at Emerald Magic specialize in designing, placing and storing your amazing holiday light shows. Take a look now...

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